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Divisional Secretariat Division------------------------------Thenmaradchi

Polling Division------------------------------------------------ ‘A’ Chavakachcheri


Number of Grama Niladhari Divisions-------------------- 60

Number of Villages---------------------------------------------130

Number of Families  (January , 2017)--------------------- 23117

Number of Members in Families  (January ,2017)------74240

Number of Males ----------------------------------------------36292

Number of females --------------------------------------------37948

Area of the Divisional Secretariat Division---------------232.19 Sq. km

Percentage of the Total Area of the District--------------22.1%


The Location and the Socio-Economic Background

Thenmaradchi Divisional Secretariat Division comes under Jaffna District in the Northern Province of Sri Lanka, and located in the Southern part of Jaffna peninsula.

The boundaries of the Division are: North - Thondamanaru Lagoon; East- Pachchilaipalli Divisional Secretariat Division; South- Jaffna lagoon up to Kerativu, Kachchai sea and the islet Chalampai; West- Jaffna Lagoon, Navatkuli – Chemmani bridge, Upparu Lagoon and  Kopay – Kaithady bridge.

The highest elevation of this division is 6.7m. The entire division is more or less flat and there is no river passing through the division. There are some drainage channels and there is no jungle but, there are bushes, scrubs and graze lands,

This Division includes 60 Grama Niladhari Divisions consisting of 130 Villages.There are two Local Government Administrative Bodies i.e. Chavakachcheri Urban Council and Chavakachcheri Paradeshiya Sabha. The areas of these local bodies are 19.40 Sq. km and 200.90 Sq. km respectively. There are 60 Grama Niladhari Divisions from J/288 to J/347. The Grama Niladhari Division, Chavakachcheri Town (J/300) covers the center portion of the Secretariat division. The Thenmaradchi DS division comes under the dry zone of Sri Lanka, and gets the seasonal rainfall by the North East Monsoon during November – January which helps the paddy cultivation and also this rainfall helps to fill the water reservoirs and to recharge the agro wells through the underground water. Therefore it become necessary to rehabilitate the water reservoirs time to time.

Thenmaradchi is the predominant area for agricultural products in Jaffna District and it’s called as the granary of Jaffna district. The paddy is widely cultivated in the low lands of Thenmaradchi Division. It is famous for fruits, mainly mango, jackfruit and bananas. This division still produces a lot of coconuts despite the destruction of large number of coconut plantations due to the prolonged confrontation. In addition to paddy cultivation during Maha season, during summer season different types of grains/ pulses such as black gram, green gram, cowpea etc, vegetables and yams are cultivated using underground water.

The Division links with the other towns of Jaffna District by net work of roads such as  A-9 Road; Kodikamam – Point Pedro Road;  Kopay – Kaithady Road; Meesalai - Puttur Road; Chavakachcheri – Poonagari via Keraithivu Chavakachcheri – Point Pedro Road. In addition to the “A” class roads, there are roads of “B”, “C” and “D” class and these give proper net work of roads system in the DS division.

The Mirusuvil Educated Girls Scheme is the only Agricultural Colonization Scheme in Jaffna district. It is located at Mirusuvil in Eluthumadduval North GN division.

Role performed at DS



Name Designation From To
Mr. Ramanathar Sithamparapillai DRO
Mr. Subramaniam Murugavel AGA
Mr. Kanagasabai Thurairasa AGA 01.07.1979 31.12.1985
Mr. Punniyar Sundrampillai AGA/DS 01.04.1987 05.05.2002
Mr. Kathiravelu Ketheeswaran DS 19.01.2003 08.07.2003
Mr. Sellamuththu Srinivasan DS 09.07.2003 11.10.2010
Mrs. Anjalidevi Santhaseelan DS 23.10.2010
Mrs. Thevanthini Babu DS 11.01.2017

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